Nine9 CUTTING TOOLS & TOOL HOLDERS No need to choose, Nine9 does it all. Nine9 Cutting Tool began in 1994 , has developed many worldwide patented multi-functional tools. Productivity & Creatity & infinity are the principles of Nine9 cutting tools. Nine9 logo comes from the Chinese characters meaning " long life and durability". 99 is the largest 2 digit number, indicating maximum product endurance. 3D & 4D Drill, Boring Tool, Power Mill.
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SLOKY TORQUE SCREWDRIVER Sloky torque screwdriver began in 2013. Patented torque adapter can be used in many industrial fields having a greatest advantages of no over tighten torque control. It prevents the damages of the screw and tool, Sloky screwdriver is a reliable tool with friendly design. Color recognition to enhance the convenience of using. Handle, torque adapter and bits are replaceable for cost saving purpose.
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  • JIS B6339 (MAS 403)
    ANSI B5.50
    DIN 69871-1
    Cylindrical Shank
    VDI Tool Holder
  • Spring Collets
    Pull Studs
    Peripheral Accessories
    CNC Tool Storage Wagon
    Tapping Attachment
    Machine Vises
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About us

Jimmore International Corp. is being an agency and distributor to import and export cutting tools, tools and systems for manufacturing into and from Taiwan since 1987. The target is always same- to bring the latest technology to Taiwan as well as to introducing the best products from Taiwan to the worldwide market. We are proud of our jobs not only in the sales and marketing affairs, but also act as a strong bridge to connect all partners and customers as a family in worldwide.
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